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I am Rubel, a Customer Service and Support Analyst in a well known Freight Forwarding Farm in BD. Have explored bodybuilding, martial arts, calisthenics, sports and agility exercises, and numerous kinds of meditations for wellbeing but I was not being able to settle anywhere, or in other words, nothing was fulfilling my desire for a simple but complete and lifetime solution for overall physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. When I came to know that Prachina Yoga is offering this Angamardana course, I could not trust, because the price appeared a bit high to me, and the market is not always trustworthy, but there is no other options in BD for Isha Yoga as it’s the best institute for this technology according to my research and experience on the market. So I decided to give it a try as Ruma Chowdhury is an Isha certified teacher, and I can’t experience water until I put my feet in it. As I am the only weirdo or least smart among my network, I could not know anything from a trusted person. There’s not that much to lose, I will at least have an experience for this small amount. When I entered, I started feeling I should have come here earlier, all my suspicions were irrelevant. Spending the 2nd day there, all my prejudices just abolished! On the 3rd day, I realized I met some nicest people in my entire life, and spent 3 best days learning. It was like a healthy journey in a 5 star hotel environment. Whoever is thinking about learning something from Prachina Yoga, I would say- S/he is lucky to come to know the name among all the products available in the market. It is an opportunity for someone who is seeking for wellbeing. Best wishes for Prachina Yoga, and heartiest gratitude to motherly Ruma apu.   

Md. Mahbubul Hasan Rubel

Customer Service and Support Analyst
Freight Forwarding Farm in BD.