To Bit The Heat– 

Here Is A Sacred Recipes Of Cool Vegetable Name Is ‘Ash Gourd’ (Winter Melon-Wax Gourd-White Gourd or In Bengali- Kumra or ChalKumra- চালকুমড়া ) etc. 
Ash Gourd(ChalKumra-চালকুমড়া )- An incredible versatile vegetable with loaded list of benefits for health & wellbeing. 
It is the hottest part of the year in these areas of the world The ‘Heat’ Is Beating You! Now You Beat The ‘Heat’ Off…!
What is Ash Gourd?
Ash Gourd – Benincasa hispida, is a unique melon eaten mostly in India, Bangladesh and China. It is often cubed and added to soups or curry in Asian cooking. However, the yogis of India have long regarded ash gourd as one of the most naturally energizing foods due to its high quotient of what yogic science refers to as “prana”, or vital life energy.
Taste and Use
The taste of ash gourd is very mild, like a cucumber. It has virtually no taste of its own, so it is easy to incorporate into all kinds of salads, smoothies, and juices on hot days. On colder days, you can add either honey or black pepper to the melon to reduce the natural cooling qualities in the fruit while retaining its raw energy boost. To retain maximum vital energy, ash gourd should be eaten raw.
Finding and Choosing
Ash gourd is widely cultivated in India, Bangladesh, Southern China and other parts of South East Asia. Outside of Asia, while ash gourd may not be stocked by your local supermarket, in most cities it can be found at Chinese markets, Indian markets, or international farmers’ markets. When selecting a ash gourd, choose a gourd with no bruised marks or indentations. The melon should feel heavy for its size, and can be recognized as being approximately the same size, shape and color of a watermelon, but with a characteristic white, ash-coated surface. This powder is harmless to eat, but becomes sticky when it is wet. It should be rinsed from the surface before slicing the melon open. The interior should be white with a crisp and even texture. Uncut, a ash gourd will keep for a month or more in a cool, dry storage area.
Nutrition of Ash Gourd
While ash gourd is composed primarily of water (about 96%), it also boasts a variety of beneficial vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and B-complex vitamins such as niacin, thiamine and riboflavin. Ash gourd is also a valuable source of minerals like iron, potassium, zinc, calcium and magnesium.  The gourd also provides a good amount of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fiber.
Ash Gourd Benefits:
Sharpness of Mind
Just drink one glass of ash gourd juice in the morning and you will see tremendous amount of coolness in the body, while at the same time it brings alertness into you. Daily consumption of ash gourd greatly enhances your intellectual capabilities. Especially children must drink ash gourd juice. If you drink it for one week, you will notice a distinct change in the sharpness of your mind. This is very highly pranic. Every day, if you drink a glass of ash gourd juice in the morning, you will see it will do wonders for your intellect. Your intellect will be very sharp and it brings energy without agitation in the system. Daily consumption of ash gourd will do miracles to you.
Increased Energy:
Consumption of ash gourd brings an enormous amount of energy, at the same time it keeps your nerves very calm. If you drink coffee, it gives you energy with agitation. If you drink a glass of ash gourd, it gives you enormous amount of energy, and still keeps you calm.
Constipation, Piles, Boils
If you consume a little bit of ash gourd juice, it cools down the system. This is beneficial for people who excess heat in the body, which can produce problems like boils, piles (hemorrhoids) and constipation problems.
Cooling Caution
People who are susceptible to problems such as colds, asthma, and sinusitis should be a little careful with ash gourd because it creates too much sheeta, or coolness, in the system. Such people should always mix it with honey or pepper and drink it, so that the cooling effect is neutralized to some extent.  
-Pharmacology and Therapeutics affirms ash gourd’s traditional use as an anti-diarrheal agent.
– It helps to open up blocked arteries.
– Aids in weight loss (drinking this juice instead of tea or coffee can better curb your appetite). 
– It helps diminish boils and pimples by maintaining our body temperature.
– Good for bones ( rich in calcium and phosphorus) 
– Prevents bleeding of gum, nose,     piles etc.… 
– Relieves digestive system( it’s cooling nature is beneficial in diminishing the effects of stomach infraction, indigestion, acid reflux, liver enlargement and constipation.
– Treats asthma( drinking a glass of ash gourd juice keeps Asthma in control).
– Good in Diabetes ( improves the function of the pancreas and simulates insulin).
– Removes toxins(It’s detoxifying properties helps treat urinary tract infection, kidney problems, or stone in the kidney, gallbladder or bladder.
Incorporating ash gourd or winter melon, into your diet is a simple way to beat the heat, enjoy a powerful energy boost and add tasty variety to salads, juices, snacks and even sweets. This incredibly versatile vegetable boasts a laundry list of benefits for health and wellbeing. Learn more about these benefits and enjoy a wide selection of delectable ash gourd recipes below.
Ash Gourd Recipe & Ingredients:
Ash gourd, 4-5 inch sized – 1
Lemon juice – 6 tsp
Black pepper powder – 3 tsp
Salt – 3 tsp
Cut ash gourd, remove skin and seeds
Blend to a smooth puree
Add lemon juice, black pepper powder and salt
Ash Gourd and Watermelon Smoothie
Blend equal parts ash gourd and watermelon in a blender with water or plain yogurt and add honey or agave syrup to taste.
Ash Gourd Raita-
Grate ash gourd and mix with plain yogurt, add lemon or lime juice, salt, black pepper, and a sprinkling of roasted cumin seeds. (Raita is a great counterpart to any spicy Indian or Mexican dish.)
Lime and Ash Gourd Cooler-
Juice 2-3 cups of ash gourd in a juicer, add fresh lime juice and salt to taste. Blend in a sprig of mint or cilantro for a fresh twist.