Being born & raised in ‘Sanatan’ Family our life style & wellness always surrounded by natural substances… My grand father was a doctrine of ‘Ayurveda’. He used to rule out the systems of entire family’s health issues. We never had to go to the doctor unless it is any surgical issues!  The very first thing in the morning in empty stomach it is mandatory to have raw roots of ‘Turmeric Juice’ along with other natural ingredients! My poor Mother, her days used to pass by maintaining and following command of my grandfather… And every early morning used be a Torture for me & Tournament for her! ? Running around with This ‘Mrita Sanjivini'(which I call it now “Mrita Sanjivini” ;-))  In a beautiful Brass Glass which was solely dedicated for me! 
 So, henceforth short story long… As I have grown into my adulthood, I realized these are natural mother earth gifted substances are really “Sanjibini”….
“Turmeric” has immense benefits towards our wellness!  I also remember- When I broke my leg-back my mother used to use the thick layers of Turmeric Past Along With “KODOM PHOOL Leaves to Wrap around (কদম ফুলের পাতা) on the affected areas for several days as an ointment as well as antidote!
As in our ‘Yogic Culture’ We yogis have to take ‘Turmeric & Neem’ everyday, early in the morning with empty stomach due to daily practices of our ‘Sadhana’! 
Why we take it!?
-We take it : Turmeric help stretch ligaments and repair injury(As my mother use to do it in my childhood!). Liver heat is connected to laxity of the Tendons and Ligaments! 
Remarkable Health Benefit Of Turmeric!?-Turmeric invigorates and moves the blood. Its strong nature reduces and treats weakness. It stimulates blood formation. Its yellow color suggests use as a liver herb. A small dose cleans the liver and blood due to bitter taste. Turmeric is used in all blood and blood plasma related disorders.  
Liver, the Blood and Gynecology
Turmeric stimulates the liver and bile flow, dissolving and preventing gallstones. It is a blood purifier specifically used to promote beautiful skin and eliminate systemic toxemia, eczema, urticaria, psoriasis, and acne. It helps with itching and skin problems due to cold, dry or stagnant…etc. Turmeric is often mixed with other bitter herbs to enhance its anti-inflammatory and liver clearing effects. It nourishes the heart and reduces cholesterol. Its anti-platelet activity prevents coagulation.  Its antiseptic activity is useful for infections, fevers, and sore throats.
Turmeric improves digestive strength by increasing blood flow. It is an antiseptic that promotes “sweet intestines”, or intestines free of bacteria and ama. Its haemostatic and anti-inflammatory qualities treat stomach ulcers and colitis. Turmeric improves the “body’s raw power to nourish plasma and the blood”. It clears all the bad bacteria that causes our stomach upset and fat in diabetes. Its blood moving qualities are useful in Alzheimer’s. 
Turmeric destroys all these accumulations in lower abdomen—
excess mucousthick, white tongue coatslow, sticky, sluggish bowel movementshigh body weight difficulty rising in the morning feeling slow, foggy, dull, lethargic or heavy easily attached or possessive overly sentimental complacent or stubborn tendency for “emotional overeating”
Accumulations in lower abdomen including endometriosis, amenorrhea, leucorrhea, fibroids, cancer and cysts from cold congestion. It promotes the flow of the menses and purifies breast milk. It specifically clears menstrual pain caused by arachidonic acid.
Inflammation & Joints
Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory with subtle quality to enter the joint space, reducing arthritis and inflammation, alleviating pain, and strengthening joints and tendons. It treats gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis. Its anti-inflammatory activities are also useful in asthma, broken bones, and wounds. By its heating and blood moving qualities, turmeric reduces pain topically in bruises and sprains however it stains everything it touches.
Those with cough and respiratory problems can drink turmeric juice or have paste. Turmeric cures smoke, hiccups and lowers respiration. It is an anti-venom for King Cobra snake bites. The fresh root is used as a suppository in the rectum to cleanse and open the root chakra. Turmeric burns ama, reducing its diuretic effect. 
Turmeric, addresses the spleen, stomach and liver meridians. It invigorates the blood, promotes movement of blood, unblocks the menses, chest and abdominal pain, alleviates amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea with cold deficiency, and swelling pain or pain due to obstruction. It expels wind.
Enjoy This Mother Nature’s Gifted Drink For Your well being….
Here I am going to share a very special recipe to stay away from going to doctor for your all sort of Chronic Ailments… 
You may use Turmeric Powder as past or use Fresh Roots. I personally prefer using fresh roots juice! ? 
– 2TB Spoon fresh juice of Turmeric Roots 
– Or 1Tea Spoon powder make into paste
– Few drops of Lemon/Lime juice
– Pinch Of Black Paper
– Few drops of Ginger roots juice
– 1Tea/TB spoon Honey
– 4/6 Ounces of Luke warm Water 
Mixed all together! And trust me! You will be fall in love with this heavenly “Maha Mrita Sanjivini”! A powerful Vibrant-Beautiful-Colorful-Sacred Tasteful drink! Here Is Divine Music For You Guys-~Neem & Turmeric~