Bhastrika Kriya

Bhastrika Kriya is a powerful kriya, which purifies the blood and increases lung capacity. A Kriya is an inner energy process that utilizes the breath. The breath can be used as a tool to do many things with the body and the mind. Bhastrika kriya purifies the blood, increases one’s lung capacity, and also relaxes the whole system. The combined effect allows one to breathe more easily and efficiently. Due to its particular effectiveness on the respiratory system, the Bhastrika kriya provides relief from Asthma, Allergies & Sinusitis. It will also help with Diabetes, Hormonal Imbalance & Skin diseases.

Benefits of Bhastrika Kriya

  • It purifies the blood and makes breathing better
  • Improves lung capacity and relaxes the system
  • Benefits those with conditions of asthma, allergy, Sinusitis, Diabetes, Hormonal Imbalance, Skin disease


Practice Requirements

Age – 14+

Intensity – low

Prerequisite required. 

Unless, otherwise evaluation is needed based on necessities. 

Light stomach recommended

Duration – 1 session, 1hour. 


Empty Stomach Requirement:

  • Meals should be consumed 4 hours before class
  • Snacks can be consumed 2.5 hours before class
  • Beverages can be consumed at least 1.5 hours before class


Those with vertigo should not practice Bhastrika Kriya.