Ruma Chowdhury

About Teacher

Ruma Chowdhury. The first ‘Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher’ to bring ‘Isha’ in BangladeshIt has been 12yrs since she has been with the Isha or Isha within her. She is a trained, certified classical Hatha Yoga Teacher from Isha Foundation Coimbatore, India. She has gone through 1,750 hours of extensive and intense training under the guidance of self realized-visionary-mystic-humanitarian and contemporary living guru- Sadhguru Jaggi Vasu Dev-the founder of Isha Foundation.

Isha Hatha Yoga is a profound science. Our approach is Holistic.

We impart Classical Hatha Yoga Practices to empower individuals to experience transformative benefits in body, mind and inner dimensions.

She turned her passion to a profession and now trying to offer the purest form of Yoga as she has nourished herself to practice Yoga in its own authentic way. For the last 7 years she has been roaming around the globe to teach such programs that have enriched her in a great way. That has led her to influence other participants to explore deeper dimensions of HATHA Yoga.

She has been teaching in a wide range of settings, including – Corporate, local, government, university, schools, college, private, individual, community and public sessions.

Life had truly gone from a pursuit of happiness to an expression of happiness, specially being an ‘Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher’ by whom a being can be transformed.

~Presence, Persistence, and Profound

What ‘Prachina’ represents!?

‘P R A C H I N A’

P – Presence
R – Resilience
A – Align
C – Compassion
H – Harmony
I – Instill
N – Nirvana
A – Achievement

Here we will help you to manifest all that Prachina represents. With the goal of bringing back focus on the most powerful system of wellness, Prachina yoga aims at teaching classical Hatha yoga in its authentic form.

Prachina Yoga brings ultimate comfort to this monotonous modern life. Our intention is to empower each individual to create a healthy harmonious life encompassing their personal, professional, social and spiritual goals, and lead a more holistic life.

The Role of Prachina yoga

Prachina yoga “from a person to a presence”

As an independent -especially ‘Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher’ we are ought to create our own brand to spread Pure Classical Hatha Yoga World Wide. Therefore I chose the name ‘PrachinaYoga’ as my brand or school. Prachina means the Ancient-Adi-Classical one, the Sanatani. This Purest form of Ancient Classical Hatha Yoga is the most and Utmost way to bring life to the fullest. Thus “PrachinaYoga- Technologies for wellbeing” The School of Classical Hatha Yoga In Bangladesh is founded.